Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Whole House - RM450perday ,

Check In : 2 p.m
Checkout : 12 a.m

Terms and Rules

1) No daily housekeeping
2) Cleaning will be done only after checkout
3) Booking deposit - RM100
4) Full payment must be made during check in.

5) Other facilities -water heater, fridge, microwave,iron , kettle, rice cooker, burner, utensiles
6) No metals allowed in microwave oven.

Locations: commuter Rawang - 7km,
Tasik Puteri Golf Course - 8km,
Hospital Sg Buluh - (15 mins )
Suitable for: Family functions,Gathering or Reunion , Compound can accomodate 3 tents.

013-2305355  (NOR) 
019-3040340 (LATEP)
Tel/Fax:  03-60931378 

Gated, ground floor apartment also availabe for daily and short term rental. Kindly visit...

Apartment Raya, Bdr Country Homes, Rawang Selangor 

Or for budget apartment you can stay at

Apartment Bdr Tasik Putri Rawang 


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